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Handmade Bear and Bunny Lovey / Crochet Doll

Handmade Bear and Bunny Lovey / Crochet Doll

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This is the perfect lovey for kids of all ages. It's soft and brings warmth and love to little ones. Snugglers can make small kids company when it's bedtime or can be used to play around for years to come. 

There are two types of loveys: bear (brown) and bunny (off-white). Bear measures approximately 14" (or 37 cm). Bunny measures approximately 17" (or 43 cm) - from ear to foot. Each one comes with a textured bow tie.

They are made of very soft acrylic yarn (body), and Brazilian cotton yarn (bow tie) and they are stuffed with Poly-fil® Premium Fiber.

I do worldwide shipping. Canada and US delivery is 3 to 9 business days and comes with a tracking number, while international delivery is untraceable and takes 2 to 3 weeks (sometimes even more).

* Please note that finished toys are shipped within 1 - 3 business days as I need time to finish the details and pack everything with love.

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